On 20 July 2021, EQUAL4EUROPE organised online the “Training on Raising Gender Awareness – 2”. The training was delivered by Prof. Mike Page, Professor of Management and Finance and past Provost, Bentley University & Senior Researcher, Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations, RSM Erasmus University and moderated by Dr. Christophe Terrasse, Director of EFMD International Projects. The event was open only to the project partners.

In this dialogue session, the participants identified key proof points that demonstrate the significant institutional gaps between perception and reality with respect to gender inclusivity. Identifying these gaps is considered vital because transformation can only accelerate when the authority/leadership recognizes that past statements, strategies, and actions have not achieved the desired outcome.

The participants also considered how to recast the highest ranked and proof points into monitorable qualitative and quantitative constructs. They also discussed how academic institutions need to employ these constructs to measure both the current status (stock) and rate of change (flow) of their efforts to becoming truly gender inclusive.

Some of the conclusion coming out of this session are sessions are:

  • Focus on learning: acknowledge what we do and do not know
  • Advocacy involves ongoing education, so engage in transformational learning opportunities to be better equipped with tools and knowledge
  • Prioritize action and identify actions that can be taken
  • Come together in community to increase the sphere of influence and amplify efforts to make change
  • Focus on vigilance and create strategies to maintain these efforts

 The event was organised by EFMD & ESMT and was open only to members of the consortium.