EQUAL4EUROPE.EU ‘Privacy Policy’

The information on this website is subject to a disclaimer, copyright and rules related to personal data protection. The following presents a concise overview of how the website is operated and by whom. It moreover delineates what happens to your personal information when you visit our website.

1. Website disclaimer
The EQUAL4EUROPE.EU website is maintained by the EQUAL4EUROPE consortium in order to present the project, its objectives and achievements to the stakeholders and the public. The content of this website merely reflects the view of this consortium in general and of the author in specific. The European Commission is not responsible for this content in any way, nor of the use that may be made of the information.

The EQUAL4EUROPE consortium aims to keep the information on its website timely and accurate. However, the information contained in the website is not necessarily comprehensive, complete or fully up to date. In case inaccurate or outdated information is presented, users may inform the consortium via email (Athanasia.Panoutsou@efmdglobal.org).

In terms of technical errors, the EQUAL4EUROPE consortium cannot be held accountable for any service interruptions, disturbances, delays or server failures that occur while visiting this website. Nor does the consortium assume any responsibility for damages which may be derived from electronic system disconnections, computer viruses, malware or any other factors beyond its control. The EQUAL4EUROPE consortium does have the right to interrupt its online service for a reasonable period, for instance to perform periodical maintenance.

The EQUAL4EUROPE.EU website is operated by:
Rue Gachard 88 – box 3
1050 Brussels, BELGIUM

Flight Forum 3425, Postbus 7018
5605JA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2. Copyright

The EQUAL4EUROPE.EU website, as well as its individual components, are property of the EQUAL4EUROPE consortium. As such, the website is protected by the applicable intellectual property laws of the project.

Reuse of information presented on this website is authorised, as long as the source is acknowledged.

The EQUAL4EUROPE consortium does not claim any ownership of the contents available through external links presented at this website. The third parties operating these linked sites are furthermore exclusively responsible for their content.

3. (Personal) Data collection
Upon accessing the EQUAL4EUROPE.EU website, specific information may be stored on the project server. By using cookies and analytics, statistical analyses of your surfing behaviour may be made. This analysis is at all times taking place anonymously. You may object to this analysis or specify your preferences in your browser settings or the cookie-bar as found on this website. The temporary cookie-bar to determine if your browser accepts cookies contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

We merely process personal data that you have explicitly provided to us during your visit to our website and by signing up to our newsletters. By processing personal data we mean collecting, storing and using it in order to keep you informed as you have requested us to do so. If you would like to withdraw this consent, this is always possible by unsubscribing to the newsletter. The consortium amplifies that it will never use your personal data for any other purposes than to inform you on the EQUAL4EUROPE project and its achievements.

The data controller of the EQUAL4EUROPE newsletter is:
EFMD (contact: Athanasia.Panoutsou@efmdglobal.org)

Those parties that present us with their personal data, have the following rights:

  • To oppose processing of personal data;
  • To be informed if and how their data are being processed, regardless if a prior relation exists with them;
  • To be informed when data are gathered, with which purpose and who is in charge of this processing;
  • To rectify any incorrect data we are currently processing;
  • To request the elimination of their personal data (an unsubscribe option is included in each of our digital newsletters);
  • To not receive information, by respecting requests from parties who no longer want to receive information about our activities.

We protect your personal data using appropriate technical and administrative security measures to minimize the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and/or modification. You may think of security software such as virus scanners and firewalls. We furthermore do not store your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary for this purpose, as delineated by the GDPR. If legal regulations apply to the storage, the personal data will not be kept longer than prescribed by law.