The EQUAL4EUROPE project is pleased to inform you of the creation of the Gender Equality and Diversity Officers Network.

 The Network is a LinkedIn group conceived as a share point for ideas, best practices and information for Gender Equality and Diversity Officers, advisors and experts from universities and research centres across Europe.

 It works, as well, as point of departure for common initiatives. Knowledge shared on the Network – including the research results of the EQUAL4EUROPE project – is useful in the everyday practice and for more structured studies in the field of gender equality and diversity.

 The Network has been created as a long-lasting and structural instrument for mainstreaming gender equality and diversity throughout Europe. It will remain active, thus, also after the end of the EQUAL4EUROPE project.

 The Gender Equality and Diversity Officers Network is as well a bridge with similar national initiatives in EU countries, and it connects to the EFMD and CEEMAN networks.

 To access the Gender Equality and Diversity Officers Network, please click on this link.

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