On 31st of January 2023, at the 2023 EFMD Deans and Directors Conference hosted by IE Business School in Madrid, the Deans and Presidents of some of our partners organised the session “Implementing strategies to attract and retain female talent in business schools”. Drikus Kriek (IEDC – Bled School of Management) Ansgar Richter (Rotterdam School of Management), Jörg Rocholl (ESMT Berlin) and Joan Rodón (ESADE) shared their experience from the implementation of the GEPs at their institution and respective actions to address gender imbalances. The session was co-moderated by Susan Hart and Christophe Terrasse from EFMD Global.

The speakers emphasised the initial data collection process that took place in the framework of the project as essential in recognising and documenting the problem and identifying the most appropriate corrective actions. They shared some of their best practices to address gender inequality at the institutions. Among others we heard about the HR Toolkit, quarterly gender diversity and inclusion lunches, mentoring programs for young female academics, more inclusive advertisement for academic positions and diversified recruitment committees.

The Deans and Presidents engaged in a dynamic discussion with the audience. The participants were interested, keen to share their own experience and often critical. The project website and the project Resources available online were displayed while the session was taking place.