Partner responsible: INSEAD and ESMT under WP2

Who can use this material:  The table provides the description and content of several validated measures of organisational cultures and outcomes. These are selected on the basis that they bear relevance in understanding the differences between men and women in organisational settings. First, the climate for inclusion and the masculinity contest culture are organisational measures. The idea is to implement them in research to assess the extent to which participants differ in their perception of their work environment. Second are included several individual outcome measures which go beyond widely used constructs of job satisfaction. These include eudaimonic workplace well-being, turnover intentions and sense of belonging.  

As such, these can be used in conjunction to measure the extent to which organisational cultures are impacting a person’s well-being through different components. It could be used by researchers who seek to understand what causes women to be less presented within organisations. Some of these constructs have been used to a lesser extent in the existing literature and are therefore open very insightful avenues for future research.